Within this program, we create a positive emotional experience for the participants by implementing interesting activities that involve and make them aware of the importance of each team member in achieving the common objectives.

The activities proposed for this program are:


Requires defusing a specific number of mines as quickly as possible in a given perimeter.
“Each team member is important.”

Spaghetti Tower

Participants must build the highest spaghetti tower.
“Efficiency = the best results with the few resources in the allotted time.”


Team members have to choose a guide that will lead them to accomplish their goal: navigating a given route, blindfolded.
“Especially in difficult situations, we trust our colleagues.”

Living water

With only a piece of textile available, participants have to move a glass of water over a 20-30 m distance to fill a container.
“The team’s speed is equal to the speed of its slowest member.”