Corporate parties

Mardi Gras

Dance, feathers, beads and masks, and all we need to have a blast! The concept of Mardi Gras is associated with parades, parties, beads, and masks.

The Great Gatsby

Extravagance and opulence, the Great party Gatsby brings back the atmosphere of the 1920s. Get ready for the party! Fun and glamor are words that define this concept.

Colorful Loud Party

“The main ingredients” of this party are special decorations, laser show and colorful cocktails. Let’s party!

Hollywood is not a dream

Participants will create a movie from head to tail. CONCEPT, TURNING (PRODUCTION), MONITORING, DISSEMINATION (on the big screen the film is broadcast), OSCAR PREMIUM (best actor, actress, film, script, director, picture, etc.) ALL IN A FANTASTIC DAY.

Black & White

An elegant party, where white-black will contrast with extravagant drinks and delicious gastronomy.

Toga Party

Costumes, party games and entertainment will follow the Greek theme, but surprises can have a more current approach.

Mexican party

A concept that impresses with the fact that nothing has been left at random: from the way the location will be decorated in the most authentic Mexican style to sombreros, ponchos, tequila and of course mariachi.

Rock and Roll

Colorful and brilliant shirts, frightened hairstyles, frenzied and drenched rhythms, all this will bring the participants to Elvis Presley’s youth.

The good, the bad, the awesome

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for the party! From super-evil bad guys like Hannibal Lecter to the heroic adventures of Indiana Jones – in the movies, we find them all: the gangsters and the coppers, the psychos and the superheroes.

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