STUDY: A recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% increase in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.

Source: https://warwick.ac.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases/new_study_shows/

We come to you with a series of workshops whose impact translates into immediate positive feedback:

Personal development techniques


Inside out is the key that sets in motion our relationships, attitude, and energy. Therefore, in the Personal development workshop, we invite you to rediscover yourself. Being natural and genuine gives value to each of us, and differences help us appreciate its diversity and beauty.

Key points: personal development, self

Personal Branding & Marketing


Learn to Mark Your personal image and create the best business card applying our specialists marketing & branding advice.

Key points: personal image, marketing

How to be motivated?


What is my biggest motivation? Let me challenge myself,” said Richard Branson. Learn answers that motivate you and the methods that suit you in a challenging course.

Key points: motivation, and self-challenges

Theatrical techniques for trust


During an open and playful workshop, you benefit from the experience of actors who walk with confidence on the stage and so you will learn how to build your own confidence in yourself.

Key points: theater, trust and play

Positive thinking


More practical and less philosophical, we look forward to a workshop that will show you that “It all starts with your thoughts.”

Key points: positive thinking, the power of thought

Hapiness Coaching


Say “YES” for happiness! in a workshop in which we learn to manage new and stressful situations, but above all, we see the benefits of well-being.

Key points: happiness, well-being

Inspirational Leadership


We challenge you to learn more about your LIDER skills at a unique workshop that focuses on vision, inspiration, and authenticity.

Key points: inspiration, leadership, authenticity



Be the champion of your own life by training yourself during a workshop that will open a path towards the achievement of your goals.

Key points: training, life

Networking skills


Develop your networking skills to enjoy the benefits of a productive network and learn from our professionals how to practice quality networking.

Key points: development, networking

NLP- Reveal Excelence


Discover how thinking, feeling and acting can influence your personal and professional success in a course where you will learn to eliminate limitations and overcome obstacles of any kind.

Key points: communication, change, success

Public Speaking


The art of “well-spoken words” comes in hand in a workshop that aims to help you make the difference by what you say in front of any audience.

Key points: well spoken words

Healthy relations


Starting from the most important relationship in your life, with yourself, you will learn key features and attributes to define healthy relationships with those around you, like family, friends or colleagues.

Key points: relations of any kind, self, people around you

Brain Fitness


Train your mind using productive techniques to keep the focus active. In a fun mental fitness session, we help you understand how brain work works and what benefits are there.

Key points: brain, focus and mental fitness



Mindfulness is about “the best self”, the best version of each of us. If you ask yourself where you can start, then come to a workshop that will bring you value in your personally and also at your professional level.

Key points: best self, mindfulness



How many times have you asked yourself: “How can I help my child to grow harmoniously? “,” How can I have a quality relationship with my child?” No matter what the beliefs about yourself, about your child and your relationship, are, we invite you to discover other perspectives that will help you in your mission to become a responsible parent.

Key points: parents, children, and parenting

Communication through improvisation


Natural and spontaneous communication comes improvising so go to a big-player game that will prompt you to change your perspective on the language already known.

Key points: spontaneity, improvisation, and communication