STUDY: Analysts reckon that sickness absence costs £8.4 billion each year, plus another £15.1 billion in reduced productivity. A further £2.4 billion is lost replacing staff that leaves work because of mental ill-health. Almost 3 out of every 10 employees will have an emotional psychological problem each year – the vast majority of them being anxiety and depression disorders.

Source: https://www.businesshealthy.org/mental-ill-health-workplace-impact-business-productivity/

To combat these unproductive situations at the individual level with a direct impact on your business, we offer you a series of highly effective and appreciated workshops:

Work-Life Balance


The great challenge of the moment is to get the harmony between personal life and professional life so we invite you to an exciting workshop with tips & tricks on how to discover the balance but especially how you can keep it.

Key points: balance, life & work, tips & tricks

Crystal therapy


You will benefit of a live crystal therapy session in order to understand how you can access alternative and positive effects for your health.

Key points: therapy, health, crystals

Stress Management


Find out how to make stress, your best friend, in an interactive course about effective techniques and intelligent stress management solutions.

Key points: solutions and thoughts

Home Spa


Indulge yourself in the comfort of your home whenever you feel the need for a relaxing session. Our experts will show you how you can relax and enjoy a true ritual of beauty.

Key points: relaxation, beauty ritual

Alternative relaxation techniques


Meditation and relaxation go hand in hand when you want to access an alternative to find your peace, so we invite you to a session that will positively charge you.

Key points: relaxation, meditation, and other alternative solutions

Tea ceremony


At a warm cup of tea, we invite you on an exciting journey about the tea varieties in different parts of the world. Learn how to prepare and serve tea, but especially learn to enjoy the companionship of those who accompany you on this beautiful trip.

Key points: tea, socializing