STUDY: The analysis showed that those who engaged in a creative hobby performed between 15-30 percent better at work.

Source: https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/how-your-hobbies-effect-work-performance.html

We invite you to discover your new Hobby or deepen the one you currently have in the most demanded workshops in this category:

The coffee story


Accompanied by the smell of roasted coffee beans, you will discover the coffee’s history in a workshop in which the taste of the finest coffee-based drinks will keep you company.

Key points: coffee smell, networking, and stories

Chocolate workshop


After a brief introduction into the world of chocolate, we invite you to roll up your sleeves and along with our chocolatiers masters to create the most delicious chocolate shapes.

Key points: chocolate, creation, sweet

Wine tasting workshop


Enjoy the exquisite taste of quality wine and discover what secrets are hidden in a bouquet of wine because In vino veritas…

Key points: tasting, flavors, wine

Creation of perfumes


Create your own unique fragrance with natural essences!

After a brief intro in the history of perfume, perfume technique and art, fragrance notes and special flavors, it will go to creating customized perfumes from essential oils used in professional perfumery. We invite you to a unique workshop, full of color and fragrance, especially created for you.

Key points: perfume, fragrances, personal

The dance lesson


Following dance steps, we show you the energetic magic of Latino moves or the elegance of waltz rhythm at a session with and about dancing.

Key points: dance, music, rhythm

Theater workshop


Reveal your inner actor and find behind-the-scenes secrets by attending to a genuine rehearsal with authentic replicas and playful, fun games.

Key points: theater, show, fun

Chinese painting


Explore the stories from ancient times, by learning to slow down and appreciate the beauty of simple things revealed by Chinese painting.

Key points: paintings, stories

Drum circle


Participate in a musical show where you will discover, through your own rehearsals, the vibrant rhythms of African drums. Together with authentic artists, you will take part in an energetic and fun drumming show.

Key points: rhythm, energy, drums

Handmade jewelry workshop


Test your creativity in a precious workshop with and about jewelry. Whether we are talking about jewelry statement with personality or delicate accessories, our specialists will help you discover the beauty of pendant jewelry that suits you the very best.

Key points: creations, jewelry, handmade



Discover the secrets of gardening in a practical course about what and how to do to create our own oasis of beauty and tranquility.

Key points: garden, relaxation

Interior design


Discover how to add your personal touch to space or how you can redecorate your home in a workshop about colors, paints, and design.

Key points: design, home, and decorations

Art & Crafts


Create something unique and special using your own skill and creativity, and we will assist you with unusual materials and good humor.

Key points: creativity, manual work, and skill

The mosaic technique


Learn something new and spend quality time at a creative and entertaining workshop about the art of decorative mosaic.

Key points: mosaic, recreation, and art

Painted mandalas workshop


Learn something new and spend quality time at a creative and entertaining workshop about the art of decorative mosaic.

Key points: mosaic, recreation, and art

Recycled art workshop


Create a DIFFERENT gift! We invite you to a workshop where you help with the art of recycling and you will invent creative banal materials and artistic and unique gifts for you and your loved ones.

Key points: art, recycling, gifts



You are passionate about photography or just want to improve the quality of your holiday photos? Either way, we are expecting you to a workshop where you will discover the many words behind an image of photographic art.

Key points: photos, tips & tricks, art

Flower design


One flower does not make a springtime, but more can make some special floral arrangements worthy to decorate your home with freshness or to give as a gift to the loved ones.  Discover the wonderful story of flowers along with our specialists.

Key points: flowers, design, recreation

Style and image


Let’s talk about the clothes language to see another perspective of your wardrobe, your style but especially to see how all those affects your life.

Key points: clothes, fashion style, personal touch.



Be beautiful! Learn from the pros how to make each day and every occasion filled with your beauty. Learn how a professional make-up will help to pull out what nature gave you. Put an accent of color and make yourself noticed!

Key points: image, make-up, colors