STUDY: Employees who eat healthily have 25% more chances to have a higher performance at work, and workers who exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, have 15% more chances to perform at work with other colleagues.


The body should be treated as a temple, with consideration and respect because without a good physical condition we will not be able to enjoy a good life and a good life is above all a healthy life so the Creative & Bright proposals target key points such as healthy alimentation, exercise, natural personal care and exercised.

We offer you a series of highly practical workshops that will help you demonstrate and implement the dictum “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body” with ease in your company:

Quality Nutrition for detoxify and energizing


Discover how you can help your body to function effectively for a healthy and high-quality life. Find out valuable information about what fits your body in an open and innovative workshop.

Key points: health, energy, detoxification.

Raw vegan


Natural raw and unprocessed is the essence. If you want to know more about the raw lifestyle than we invite you to a course about unprocessed food.

Key points: innovation, food, living a different lifestyle

Molecular cuisine


Do you want to go to the next gastronomic level? Then come to a course where ordinary cuisine blends with physics and chemistry to create new and unique dishes.

Key points: fusion, delicacy and culinary creativity

Stretching, Pilates, yoga, Thai Chi, Zumba programs


Movement is health! We encourage you to participate in vigorous and endorphins productive session with the most active health ambassadors.

Key points: movement, endorphins, happiness

Massage techniques


By learning to use simple and effective relaxation techniques from our professionals, you can enjoy the benefits of massage whenever you need it.

Key points: relaxation, stress relief, and health care



Relax in the company of aromatic herbs and learn about the beneficial effects of aromatherapy in a workshop with natural essences.

Key points: rrelaxation, aromas, and therapy

Natural cocktail


Energy and colorful fruit flavors are waiting you in a natural cocktail glass. Take part in a fun and exciting workshop where you will discover fresh recipes to take home and at the office.

Key points: cocktails, fruit, and fun

Let’s quit smoking!


“Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know that because I’ve done it for thousands of times.” Mark Twain.

We challenge you to become non-smoker at a meeting that will help you take the first steps towards a positive change.

Key points: change, challenges, encouragement

Health through alimentation: Write your food story!


Do you want to eat healthy and tasty at the same time? Then we invite you to a different kind of workshop about health and nutrition but mostly about the benefits that they bring to our professional and personal lives.

Key points: food, health, simple and tasty recipes

Handmade Cosmetics


Be unique and special! Create your own your cosmetics along with our experts that will advise you in choosing the items that suit you best.

Key points: natural beauty, personal care, and handmade

Fitness Yoga


Combine exercises with spiritual meditation in a dynamic and different yoga session. Learn the advantages of a modern and active therapy by practicing it with a master yogi.

Key points: energy, meditation and relaxation