Wellbeing programs

are based on the importance and essence of the Work-Life Balance concept, of this balance between the personal and professional life that proves to be a 24/7 challenge in our lives.

Through our programs, we support the companies which understand that a good general condition of their employees significantly contributes to increasing productivity, retention and efficiency and we also support employees’ efforts to find balance.

Benefits for company:

  • Motivation of employees through their recognition;
  • Reduction of employees stress;
  • Development of a constructive organisational culture;
  • Development of team spirit;
  • Promotion of the employer’s image;
  • Improvement of employee’s efficiency;
  • Increase of employee’s involvement level;
  • Increase of employee’s retention level;

Benefits for Employees:

  • Time economy;
  • Networking based on common interests;
  • Financial savings;
  • Development of abilities and interests
  • Personal development;
  • Improvement of physical health;
  • Reduction of stress level;
  • Development of positive thinking;

To be productive and happy, people need a balanced life in which they have time for family, friends, spirituality and personal growth but in which they can also achieve their professional goals, be effective in solving their work responsibilities and evolve professionally. Creative & Bright provides its customers with an integrated and complex wellbeing program that supports the concept of Work-Life Balance taking into consideration four directions: