Most multinational companies in Romania have adopted the trend of throwing Christmas parties for their employees. According to Creative&Bright, Romanian companies spend between EUR 5,000 and EUR 40,000 on parties, according to the theme and location chosen.

According to Creative&Bright, a company specializing in corporate events, companies throw parties because they want to make their employees feel appreciated. Although some companies choose locations outside of the capital for their Christmas parties, most prefer to stay in Bucharest and go for theme parties or events organized around food.

“I believe the Christmas party is one of the few occasions for employees to meet all their colleagues, in a relaxed atmosphere, and the effect of interaction in this environment reflects throughout the upcoming year, especially in the team’s efficiency. This year, requests for Christmas parties increased by approximately 50 percent, and most requests are for theme parties,” Dana Tudor Tanase, Managing Partner Creative&Bright said.

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