With employees and job seekers now expecting their packages to go beyond salary and traditional bonuses, the concept of well-being  is starting to gain ground on the Romanian market. Providing a “happy” working environment, where individuals can express their creativity and feel like they are part of the organization, might be the key for bosses to score high on the attractiveness scale for current and future generations of workers.

The psychological well-being of its employees is an important aspect for any organization. Recently, it has become a focus for both HR departments and employees of multinational companies active on the local market.

Things have evolved so far at international levels that experts in psychology can scientifically demonstrate the direct correlation between well-being and its positive impact on work performance. According to international studies, when we experience positive mood/feelings, our brain is on average 31 percent more productive than when we are in a negative, neutral or stressed mood. Researchers also found that salespeople perform 37 percent better while doctors are 19 percent quicker to make a correct diagnosis when they benefit from psychological and physical well-being. In addition, according to Fortune, the company you work for can improve your personal/family life (supporting you in your role as a parent) and health (encouraging you to give up smoking or maintain a healthy lifestyle). Miruna Andreescu, HR business partner at Avon Romania, says that well-being  discussions are now moving towards the “work-life integration” concept, which means that people are blending their personal and professional life and trying to make them both work.

At present, there are over 50 types of well-being  programs on the Romanian market, focusing on different aspects such as physical and psycho-emotional health, personal development and various hobbies. According to Creative Bright, parenting, fitness/yoga/massage, nutrition, mindfulness and photography were the most requested well-being  programs in the past year.

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