Process Communication Model®

Research has shown that almost 85% of conflicts in the organisation arises because of misunderstandings in communication. 

What can you do to prevent them?

PCM is a very practical tool that can be used immediately after you learn it. It can be very useful for communicating with employees, clients, friends, and family.


What is Process Communication Model®

Process Communication Model

PCM (Process Communication Model®) is an innovative model that allows you to understand the depth of personality structure. NASA used it in training and selection of astronauts for 20 years, and today this model is used by many well-known Fortune 500 companies.

According to PCM model, every person represents a unique combination of 6 types of personalities. With different needs, they are motivated by different things and they get into conflicts and stress conditions due to various drivers.

Knowing your own “building of personality” will allow you to understand yourself and your needs, to understand what drives you into stress and how to prevent these conditions. You will understand why you are getting into conflict with some people, and when a conflict arises, you will be able to find a constructive solution.

This is the only methodology in the world that combines behavioral analysis and typology of personality, along with adaptive communication techniques.


Process Communication Model

Application of PCM to NASA

NASA has been applying PCM in the selection and training of astronauts since 1978

Process Communication Model

PCM in Fortune 500

Today, this model is used by recognized coaches and company directors from the Fortune 500 list.

Process Communication Model

PCM at universities

PCM has been studied at over 37 universities around the world.

Process Communication Model

over 1 MILLION participants

So far, over a million people have learned about their deep personality structure.

Process Communication Model

PCM in healthcare

In 2016 the Royal Wolverhampton Trust won a patient safety award for the deployment of PCM amongst its staff.


Process Communication Model® has a wide range of applications.
You can apply this methodology in order to better meet yourself and your needs, in order to better manage your team, become a seller who always gets “YES!”, to reduce conflicts, and relieve stress forever.
Some of the areas where the application of PCM gives outstanding results are:

Management - By using PCM and learning about the personality structure of their associates, managers are able to adapt their managing style to all employees. PCM also provides managers with clear guidance on what are the preferred methods of management, appropriate ways of organising activities, as well as preferred working environments for different types of personalities. Thanks to PCM, managers are able to increase their performance and effectiveness and organise all the steps necessary to achieve goals.
Leadership - PCM helps leaders discover what motivates them and others. Thanks to those insights leaders manage to surround themselves with people who are able to carry out the planned activities successfully and who are inspired and full of enthusiasm to complete their tasks.
Sales skills - PCM provides extremely simple and useful tools that can help people working in sales understand the different personality types of their clients and their psychological needs. Salespeople who practice PCM are able to establish stronger, more stable relationships with their clients, who become more loyal and consistent in their purchases.
Team building - It is well known that good teamwork is the key to success. PCM helps managers identify the dynamics within the team and understand the possible causes of miscommunication. With PCM it becomes clear what is hindering team from achieving its objectives and how to fully unleash the creativity and potential of the team.
Stress management - PCM enables you to understand which situations are potentially stressful for you as well as how to cope with stress if it occurs. It can also help you understand how different types of personalities behave under stress and give you guidance and tools that can help different types of personalities to cope with situations which may cause stress.


Certified Trainers

Dana Tudor Tănase

Dana has over 12 years experience in team management, telesales, customer care, and 8 years in project management. Her professional development highlights the desire for development and lifelong learning, as well as the diversification of areas and experiences.

Her management experience with involvement in people's training and development lies in results and partnerships with some of the largest companies such as: Oracle, IBM, VDF, HP.

She is formed in management and business development, graduating Management Excellence at Asebuss, Master in Multimodal Management, European Studies Faculty, specialization in Management at Univ. Babes Bolyai. He specializes in Project Management, has graduated the PMI and Business Analysis courses, and she completed the "Principles of Master in Negotiation" courses at Stamford, AGILE, "Manager as Coach" and she is certified in "PROCESS COMMUNICATION MODEL" and Neuro-linguistic programming.

She is passionate about music and everything about art, but also personal development. She has experience in delivering training programs and the variety of methods used and understanding different business areas help her to add value to each group.

Ionuț Codreanu

6 years of experience in the IT industry. 8 years of leadership and creativity management. Ionut works in business development, strategy and product management, leading local and remote teams.

With extensive experience in the corporate environment, he understands the organizational culture in a multicultural environment and how to handle conflicts that may arise as a result of communication problems.

Passionate about human interaction, motivation and personal development, he uses PCM in day-to-day real-life situations within the organization.

As a trainer, he prefers a practical approach, using many examples and case studies from his personal experience.

Alexandru Bold

Six years of experience as a trainer and coach and 16 years of IT business experience;

He has held various positions at the local and international level, while working with clients on issues and topics such as leadership versus management, values, strategy, team motivation, negotiation and conflict management;

Certified PCM® trainer since 2014, he has spent over 300 training hours for companies from various industries, including: banking, financial services, IT, pharma, distribution;

He has worked with over 200 trainees at the PCM® courses he delivered.

What are the participants in our training saying

“I have received valuable business information, that will help me become more skilled and agile in future interactions.”

Regional Sales Director, JTI România

“Through this training, I understood the reasoning behind some of my reactions in different situations and how to manage them, depending on what I need from others.”

Supervisor, BDO Audit

“The synthesis of my Proces Communication Model® experience: understanding my colleagues as well as possible. The most important thing for me was how to feed your needs and how to avoid conflicts.”

Director Office Agency, Cushman & Wakefield Echinox

“PCM® training has been extremely useful in terms of personal self-assessment and the correct recognition and management of under stress communication. An exceptional, worthy of being promoted and shared with as many people as possible concept.”

Senior Safety Manager, OMV Petrom

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