The unique formula is the guarantee of unforgettable and exciting moments. Gambling like roulette or blackjack refer to the subject of wine / rum/ cognac and base their principles mainly on the senses of the participants. The whole project aims at making everyone, with a little effort, be able to prove themselves in competition with other players while trying the top-class wines.

Each game requires different abilities and aptitudes. In some you need to be quick and far-sighted, other games require good senses and clear-headed assessment. What impedes rational decision-making at tables is wine tasting. All the project constitutes an integrated and complementary offer with exciting entertainment full of taste.

The offer is modular, in this way, it can be customized according to your preferences and possibilities, being able to choose one or more games as well as other activities that can take place during breaks between games, such as a live music show.

The event finishes with a lottery where the best players win special prizes.

Ready to gamble? We have Wine Roulette, Blackjack Cocktail, Spirit Poker, Choco Gyro, Aroma Derby and many more.