About Wellbeing – 30 minutes

A simple definition from the Oxford Dictionaries about wellbeing is: a state of being comfortable, happy and healthy”.

Wellbeing programs are based on the importance and essence of the Work-Life Balance concept of, this balance between the personal and professional life that proves to be a 24/7  challenge in our lives.

Wellbeing has many components, such as mental, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual, that can be translated as the Australian doctors discover into 5 important areas of life where you should be involved in order to be in the optimum wellbeing state: stay connect with family, friends, co-workers, be active (being active can increase your psychological wellbeing by keeping your mind and body engaged), keep learning (set yourself a challenge! learning new things will make you more confident, as well as being fun), be aware/be present (focusing on the ‘here and now’ can help you feel calm and reduces stress) and help others (most people would agree that helping others is a good thing to do in itself. but research shows it can also improve your wellbeing).

Team Wellbeing – 2 hours

Teamwork trust and engagement- workshops: CSR and Team power or CSR and Build the city.

Wellbeing at Work – 2 hours

Workshop how to make healthy food/snacks and drinks (the shake bicycle), assertive communication (about PCM), physical exercises

Motivational Speaker – 40 minutes

1 session with a motivational speaker

Relaxing, Meditation and Mindfulness – 2 hours

We’ll learn simple and practical techniques from Yoga and Tai-chi and also great breathing exercises for relaxation.

Well – Leadership – 1 hour

Personal wellbeing plan translated into an action plan for every participant: how to incorporate in their day by day activities everything they have learned in this program.

OPTIONAL: Health Works Challenges – 30 minutes / 1 hour a day – 4 weeks

Even though we finish the team-building program we don’t stop here! We come up for you with a great surprise –   health works challenges: Come out for a walk and Chew to Change

What you get:
Healthworks Challenges can include the following extras:

  • Promotional materials including posters
  • Teaser emailers and reminder emailers
  • Welcome letters
  • Booklets
  • Pedometers (optional)
  • Program/challenge coordinator
  • Organizing incentives
  • Regular results announcements