A Creative & Bright concept, this program leads the participants through an exciting adventure that calls for the experience and input of each team member for the whole team to get victorious at the end of the journey.

The concept is created and customized for each group, with specific materials, a personalized story so that the participants can relate to everything that’s happening.

The friendly competition will help the participants understand the need to work as a big team for a common goal, but also make themselves accountable for achieving goals in small teams exactly as it happens in an organization.

The program structure consists of:

Step 1  –  dividing the participants into mini-teams (can be made randomly or following a certain strategy like putting together employees that have less interaction daily).

Step 2  –  introducing the participants into the story with a short briefing of the event.

Step 3  –  the mini teams will work to discover and solve the challenges that will bring them a certain score, extremely precious and necessary for the final stage of the adventure.

Step 4  –   during the final round, each mini-team will have to discover a piece of puzzle consisting of personalized messages that at the end of the program will become the guiding principles of your team.

Step 5  –   debriefing session.