Within this program, we are creating a positive emotional experience for participants through exciting, creative activities that involve them and which make them aware of the importance of each team member in achieving the goals.

 The activities proposed for this program are:

 1.1. Each team will have to prepare a show that will be presented to colleagues. Each team will have an actor to help them perform improvisation exercises to identify their role in the team, develop communication and have fun. We will highlight the company’s values, mission, and vision, or principles of life.

Exposing the first improvisation principle that we will work on:

Will and Grace – to do everything with involvement, to have initiative, and at the same time to grace/care for others.

 Games and improvisation exercises 

  • Exercises for harmonizing the group
  • Concentration exercises
  • Exercises for imagination
  • Story exercises

 1.2. The color of rhythm – all participants will receive musical instruments and together with the actors will create their own vibe. It will be played with musical instruments, superior sound quality and above all, an unforgettable emotional experience. We make the difference!

 1.3. We will finish the day with a team painting, each person will mark it.