The lip dub concept consists of creating a video that combines lip-sync and audio dubbing to finally get a music video. By recording some people or a group of people who sync vocally while listening to a melody and staging a previously created script, we manage to achieve a common team result.

Before we implement the project, the following aspects will be agreed:

  • The song on which dubbing, and choreography will be performed.
  • Distribution of the group on mini teams.


The event director along with the project manager will introduce the program and present participants with details of the stages of the event.


Each team will have as a group coordinator a professional choreographer who will guide the participants to the area/space assigned to the team and will guide them through the activities of:

  • warming up;
  • making the scenario;
  • cast roles,

needed for the song sequence attributed to the team they coordinate.
Each choreographer will have a portable music playback system, copies of printed lyrics, and props.


The teams will have 1-2 hours to stage the choreography set for the song sequence they received, to learn their lyrics and to refine their routine so that at the end we are going to film the best-created version.

Attention filming!

Our team of operators will film the final choreography at each team’s directions (starting frames, if necessary comes along, focus on an item, etc.).


Our on-site editing team will make the final production of the filmed choreographies to offer a video where is revealed the creativity and joint effort of the teamsĀ  (please note that we will need a minimum of 2 hours for editing).

Watching the video

The program will end with the movie projection followed by a debriefing session.