In this program, participants will have activities that stimulate better communication and relationships within the organization by identifying the personal styles of the people with whom you get to be in a team at a time.

1. Surprise box – the participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other differently and creatively by bringing in a personal item that is put in a box. Each participant will then choose an object and try to create the story of the person he thinks it belongs to.

2. The 4 corners – the purpose of this activity is to identify the personal style and to know the style of others. The task will be to stay near the word you identify most. The room set up will include four different posters with one of the following words written on each: RESULTS – RELATIONS – STRATEGY – ACTION. We ask the participants to get closer to the word they identify most and when everyone has chosen a word, we ask each group to discuss with each other why they have chosen the word and how this word is reflected in the way they prefer to work with their teams. After a few minutes of discussion, each team will communicate the conclusions drawn. The four words chosen, stimulate a useful discussion about the different ways people approach.

In the end, the participants will be able to make a team puzzle of the pieces they will receive after each round of discussion from The 4 corners activity.