This program encourages problem solving and helps groups learn to communicate effectively.

Just a Glimpse

The leader of the activity builds a small structure with some of the wooden building blocks from the set of blocks and hides it from the group.

Each team is given the same set of wooden blocks so that they can duplicate the structure created by the leader after looking at the block structure for just 30 seconds.

After 1 minute of building another member from each team can come up for “just a glance.” They get 30 seconds to look at the structure before returning to their team, explain for 30 seconds, and the team continues to try to recreate the structure.

The game continues until one team is the first to successfully duplicate the original structure of building blocks.

Working as a Team

Understanding group members’ different approaches to collective work will help you work more effectively together.

We’ll ask the participants to sit in a circle than we’ll dump the blocks in a pile on the floor, leaving the container somewhere in the circle. It is a game that will help the participants think about how their group works collectively. They will go around the circle and take turns moving the blocks. There are two rules: move only one block at a time, and no one talks.

Ending the game: They play continues until someone finds a way to create an ending or the facilitator ends the game because of time constraints. (This could be up to 60 minutes, depending on time restraints.)

Sum of the Parts

Challenges teams to think about how communication is needed to improve work morale and help bridge differences. Teaches how each one doing their part can meet a team goal through effective communication.

Participants must build a shared tower using the wooden blocks provided. Each member of the team has their own instructions that the others are not aware of.

The game ends when each team has completed their structure. They then share with each other their individual instructions and see if they have met all the requirements.

Tower Building: Giving Direction

This exercise gives participants first-hand experience of how management style affects the performance of a team. It shows different styles in action, demonstrating, for example, that what managers intend is not always what comes across. It’s an engaging, enlightening exercise that has real impact and generates live, behavioral data you can work with.

As a group, they have to build a tower using the blocks. Sounds easy – until you tell them that team members must be blindfolded and use their non-dominant hand.

This is a chance for participants to think about what makes a great leader, and it provides rich data upon which to draw important conclusions about leadership behavior and its impact.

After each activity the facilitator will do a debrief with important messages for leadership.
And agree of 1 thing they did well, 1 thing that didn’t work, and 1 thing they will do better next time.