Graffiti Art is a fascinating team activity based on connecting your team with company values through street art techniques by creating an environment that unleashes your synergistic power and creative thinking.

The experience starts with a general briefing and introduction to our team of graffiti artists who will discover and release the “hidden” artist within everyone.

We’ll divide teams into smaller groups, so each will work on their blank canvas.

Professional artists will help guide the process by facilitating a creative session where the participants explore the themes of their design and key messages, they want to incorporate like company values or mission statement.

Each group spends ~2 hours bringing their design to life utilizing graffiti art techniques. You’ll be amazed by how good you are at making graffiti art!

Graffiti Art can be run indoors or outdoors and is the perfect team-building activity where you can take away something meaningful for your company.

Materials: painters masks, disposable gloves, and overalls, multicolor spray cans,   canvas, cardboard template.