It is said that doing something good should be a satisfaction itself. We agree, but we want to make sure that even the most pragmatic managers or communicators understand the benefits they get if they engage with their teams in such projects.

Here are some ideas:

  • Promoting a cause;
  • Marketing related to a case;
  • Social marketing;
  • Philanthropic actions;
  • Community Volunteering;
  • Projects: Corporate Social Responsibility Practices

A charitable fund-raising action to help a children’s home. Participants will receive a certain task to be made for which they will receive a sum of money. The total sum will go to a children’s home. Among the activities for which they will be paid are listed: work in a restaurant, sale of objects made by them, a sale of lemonade, market sale, etc. Through this activity, the participants will be able to bring the children joy and, at the same time, feel they can bring a change for a better day.