The chef presents the program: tasks and goals. The teams are formed and presented with the already made workbenches. Participants will receive personalized aprons with their name, company logo and chef’s signature as well as disposable gloves.


The menu to be prepared will be presented along with a description of the type of menu, ideas, and tips for the teams.

Preparation and planning

Teams will have to prepare their menu, plan their recipes and required ingredients.


With all the utensils and ingredients available, teams have to complete a starter and a main course in a limited time, sharing their responsibilities and showing their creativity.

Key elements

During the program, new elements may appear, such as: changing working benches between teams, requiring the use of a particular ingredient, giving up on one of the main cooking tools, etc.

Award ceremony

Each team will do their best in creating an impressive plating that will be presented in front of the jury through a representative. He/she has to convince the jury that his team’s menu has the three criteria needed to become a winner: plating, taste, and teamwork.