We bring joy in the souls of children.

Along with well-known fairy characters, we help kids prove to Santa that the gifts are well deserved.

But Santa does not appear. Why? Enigma is solved by a MAGICIAN – the miracle happens! Santa Claus, as every year finds the way to the hearts of the little ones and the great ones who believe in it, and the miracle of the birth of Jesus Christ.

How we wait for Santa Claus arriving? Little by little, we gather and spend moments full of fun and magic.

Baby Corner – enliven by an Animator Actor who supervises children under 3 years of age at drawing boards and playgrounds, facilitates access to and choice of materials offers various age-specific games, encourages them, and offers comfort and safety. Actors Animators – who will have fun with children ages 3 to 12, who mold balloon figurines, paint their faces or hand depending on the wishes, propose and coordinate dynamic, musical and fun games and competitions, create a serene and playful atmosphere.