Time is a limited resource. Most of us know this, but few people realize and act accordingly. How this thing affects us in general is very simple. Most of us are faced with the incorrect appreciation of the duration of each activity we develop, and with the idea that things can be delayed, because there is always time for them in another day, another time etc. Another cause that generates this attitude lies in the lack of clearly defined objectives, in order to know exactly where are we aiming at and what we want to achieve.

Time must be used efficiently. But how can we achieve this goal if we don’t have an overview of what we do, if we don’t have goals and a work plan, if we do not set priorities and especially if we carry on ,,time kidnapper ” activities daily?

Examples of “time thieves”:

  • Uncontrolled phone calls
  • Unannounced visits
  • Meetings which is spinning out the time without a specific cause, but only because the talks are extended
  • Lack of long term planning etc.

Possible solutions to combat these “time thieves”:

  • Setting clear goals at the beginning of each week;
  • Using an agenda;
  • Establish a set of rules with colleagues from the office so as to avoid frequent interruptions;
  • Establish a schedule of meetings and a period of the day to strictly  take care office activity.
  • Focusing on solutions
  • Prioritization
  • Learn to say “No.”

Surely we can not implement everything the first time, maybe we do not need all of them, but certainly exercise and the desire to streamline the time allotted to each thing we do will help us in our approach, especially if at the end our motivation is personal: we need to spend more time with us, for us, in what interests us.