Even if it is considered that the stress is something natural and can be productive, at a higher intensity it produces negative effects, both in personal and professional life. The higher the stress level is the more sensations begin to appear accentuated by the tiredness, the decreased ability to concentrate, the demoralization and the demotivation, the decreased performances etc.

Besides stressors on a personal level, there are stressors at the workplace, as:

  • The pressure of deadlines – these could become extremely stressful, especially, for people who do not manage their time properly.
  • Tasks performed at the same time – when an employee reaches to perform several activities simultaneously, the person in question has increased chances to experience a state of stress, out of fear that he wouldn’t finish on time his task, or that he could be wrong.
  • The uncertainty – this usually happens when the employee is not sure about the work stability or when he does not know exactly what to do.
  • The disagreements between colleagues – the misunderstandings and conflict situations at work are also stress generators.
  • Defective management – might make employees believe that their work is not appreciated, this can result in lack of self-confidence and of course the occurrence of stress.

What we recommend:

  • Reduce the pressures that you put on yourself;
  • Do not delay tasks;
  • Take breaks if you feel you need to relax;
  • Communicate more with others;
  • Say “I can’t, I don’t know, I need help”;
  • Trust your manager – your coordinator – he is the one who can help in any situation.