Creative&Bright, one of the important players on training, teambuilding and wellbeing market, together with Yachting Holiday, the company specialized in cruises organization for premium segment, will launch “The Blue Adventure”, theleadership program through marine navigation techniques. The program will be held on the Mediterranean Sea, with the first training set to take place during May 18-21.

The program is addressed to the leaders from companies, who have top and middle management positions and who lead teams formed of at least five persons.

The concept of the program is based on the fundamental principle of navigation, respectively the capacity to determine the ship position and the path between two points.

The managers who will attend this program will get the skills of leading a ship through coasting navigation, together with leadership principles applied by officers of marine armies in an operation, as well as teamwork and communication skills and change management skills through team games, survival techniques, treasure hunting.

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