In a world where the change is the only constant, a Plan B, C, D or E – is mandatory.

It is true that we live in a time we are asked more often to adapt, to find solutions, to be creative, to differentiate and more so to think ahead, so we can identify new opportunities.

In many training sessions we were asked what to do in this economical context  to remain competitive and increase our client portfolio. The answer is quite simple: if people you work with are competitive, then you will be able not only to maintain your market position, but also to grow.

Of course,  this issue is much debated and discussed, but one thing is certain: People make the difference.

I suggest a few rules that help employees see change as a challenge and a opportunity:

1.The today’s and especially tomorrow’s employees need to learn to see things in perspective, to imagine and create future scenarios. We call this action “Dreaming with purpose”.

  1. To develop the ability to ask intelligent questions can sometimes be too provocative, but helps us rethink what seems obvious.
  2. The development and the exercise of what is called “Creative Problem solving”, applies practices that generates new and “fresh” solution.
  3. Keeping the pace with change is definitely a big challenge so it is imperative to develop agility, seen as a result of quick thinking and inventiveness.

5 To develop the ability to overcome barriers practicing the art  “Impossible to possible”.


Some questions that will help us to practice this art:

  • What could our clients say about what we could do for them?
  • What would bring us into a leadership position in our industry – although it may seem impossible?
  • What would make your job infinitely better and more enjoyable?

After you note the answers, applied the art “Impossible to possible” and find the way to turn them into reality.