The creativity helps us to bring an  added value in our personal andprofessional life. It is true that some of us are natively more creative than others, but still is also true that we can develop the creativity by exercising, reading, creative testing, etc.

Below are some things that will help you to develop your creativity:

  • Get out of your daily routine. Try other activities, experience new things, otherwise you will not be able to become more creative! New ideas don’t come from nowhere. The creativity means to make associations between things you know and the experiences you have, give them a new, fresh note.
  • Learn to listen and observe everything that is around. Listen and observe others is often a very good exercise. This does not mean you have to “borrow” ideas from other people, but to observe their way of thinking and analogies they make when they argue an idea.
  • Make time for creative activities. Even if you started to get out of the routine, there might not be so creative as you expected. You wonder why? Because of the rules that you impose yourself and that you have been accustomed to respect. The creativity has nothing to do with the rules. Give yourself a little time and think without barriers.
  • Make of innovation a daily rule. Do not settle for less, because it is not a way of thinking that leads to progress. You need to believe that always can be better. Moreover, perfection does not exist, but that does not mean we limit ourselves to a way of thinking and action mediocre. Just here comes the creativity. It brings novelty, makes the difference and helps us to have a larger palette of choices.
  • The relaxation is the key that somehow stirred up creativity. To be creative you need to create an environment where we can create. Relaxing the mind and body is a great exercise because it allows us to free ourselves from waste energy and to open up new and positive energy.