What is the difference between CVs? Why some are read by recruiters and others not? How much personal information is needed in a resume? How can we ensure that if the recruiter opens the resume, we  are likely to be called to an  interview? Mainly a CV is not a telegram, but  is alson not a treaty philosophy. the information contained in CV must be correct, concrete and coherent. Today, for one job posted there are an average of over 100 applications; applications that in other case can far exceed that number.

How to don’t  pass unnoticed?

A CV  has no reason to be more than 2-3 pages. CV generally must lie on 2 pages maximum; on the third page at most can be written courses in foreign languages, etc.

Set the target of your resume before you start writing it.

Only describe specific qualifications that are needed to obtain good results in the job you are applying for. Underline the name of the job that is required, customizing your resume to contain only relevant experience for the job you want.

 The suggestion: Use resumes customized for each job you wish to apply, even if you are qualified for several positions and emphasize relevant information for a particular job.

Make sure that the picture attached is a business one because you try to sell your business image, so use a photo to emphasize this. Begin each sentence with an action verb: Ex: I coordinate,  I organize,  I plan,  I create.  These verbs provide strength sentence. Do not use “I” in CV, impacting only short sentences. complex sentences are not necessary in CV. Better use short sentences and descriptive. Use phrases in two lines, these are easy to read and understand.

Make sure the recruiter easily identify: personal data and functions on behalf of employers that you had. Minimum details about the important tasks can be offered, generally those that relate to the job you apply to have enough interest from the recruiter in order to get him or her to call for an interview.

Write full name schools, without abbreviations or acronyms because recruiters could not understand their significance.

Update your resume regularly to apply to positions you are interested in a very short time, without losing opportunities, just because your resume is not updated. Last but not least, check the spelling. A CV with many mistakes will not serve the purpose intended.


We hope that the above will provide a framework that will help in preparing a successful CV.