The communication is the strongest alliance of human and professional relationships.  The feedback is the result of the communication process and the conclusion of the message we send, the reply,  the reaction that we send to that person from which we received the message. The communication process is like a balance that maintains its stability through two key elements:  the communication and the feedback. Feedback is our mirror and how we relate to the environment, the response we receive behind the communication process.

Why we offer feedback within the team?

The feedback confirms that the message sent has been understood, this element is indispensable and essential for organizational communication and for the good progress of activities.

Motivating employees has a major importance in maintaining and improving their performance.

The feedback can serve as a “no cost”  way to motivate people to have good results.

When we offer feedback?

When we give feedback is essential to know how we do it.  The moment /the context and the body language have a great importance. The moment is essential. The feedback should be given like  a response to the activity of the one who receives it, if not it loses its significance. When we provide authentic feedback, we do not impose verdicts or absolute truths, we simply describe a behavior and the impact that behavior has on ourselves / on activity /on organization: we give the other one the opportunity to watch through different eyes – through our eyes; how each person uses this mirroring is his responsibility: she/he will be able to change something or will leave things unchanged, it is obviously his legitimate right.

The feedback effects:

The main effects of feedback are: the help that the person receives it in solving efficiently the professional tasks, the contribution to his personal and professional development , the avoidance of  communication blockages, the improvement of their own communication and relational qualities and the contribution to the efficient work of the team.

We don’t make the feedback theory; we can often be subjective, we are fallible, and both providing and receiving feedback can remain a tricky thing.

We aim to develop managers especially in terms of providing feedback, thus they get what they want from the people which coordinate them. We also propose that everyone can offer feedback so that we could have a large perspective on a situation / issue, which will help us take the best decision.

Tips & Tricks to offer a qualitative feedback:

  • It is offered on time
  • show a realistic and objective comment about a situation /an action /a thing
  • It is an opinion, not a judgment
  • avoid the comparisons
  • Don’t pass on emotions

One thing is certain, that we expected from customers, partners, colleagues, family members, feedback shouldn’t miss from our actions. As Ken Blanchard said “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”