This program approaches the 3 principles and stages of negotiation, the setting of objectives in the context of the process of negotiation, BATNA, WAP, the styles of negotiation, the negotiation tactics and other methods and practices for a successful negotiation.


  • The negotiation process approach;
  • Understanding and using the basic concepts of negotiation;
  • Understanding the influencing factors in negotiation;
  • Identifying the negotiation methods and use them based on the situation;
  • Developing the abilities to make propositions;
  • Understanding and avoiding the conflicts;
  • Developing the solution oriented behavior and influencing skills;

The duration of the program proposed by us is two days (about 12 hours) for one group of participants. The program can be customized according to the needs of the target group and the organization, so it may take a day too and it can also be structured on half of days, depending on the availability of participants.

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