Creative Shop products are created to bring value to your personal and professional experience. If we want to describe them in 3 words, they are: useful, inspirational and user-friendly.


This personal development tool considers the many benefits that a paper trip can bring:

  • therapeutic value.
  • a good stress reliever
  • .clarity of ideas and thoughts.
  • expressing emotions and feelings.
  • drawing up an action plan for achieving a goal.

The diary is designed as a guide that helps you design your own story through questions, exercises, and short stories.

It can be customized with the company name and logo for orders of at least 50 copies.

Inspirational Calendar 2023

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

At the beginning of the day, we all need a kind word, encouragement, and a smile.

Motivational quotes instantly give us the energy needed to (re)focus on activities, giving us the inspiration needed for a successful day.

Where do you find quickly the perfect motivational quote? And also, the 2023 calendar?
On your desk! 🙂

The material created by the Creative&Bright team contains 21 motivational quotes, an inspirational image associated with each quote, and the 2023 calendar.

“Office Inspiration” can be customized with the company name and logo for orders of at least 50 copies.
Size A5
Printed on high-quality paper stock
Metal spiral bound


Desk Buddy, 24 playful cards to make it easier to communicate at the office!

Many of us have returned to the office and we want to get used to it more easily, to feel good together and why not bring something new in communication.

We know how you feel when you work hard to get things done, and people keep coming to visit, asking questions, asking for help, telling you a story, sharing an experience, or just talking. Desk Buddy was created to help you say what you need in a playful tone.

Want to communicate quickly, efficiently, and in a fun way?

And if you work from home, you can use these signs to let the rest of the family know when you’re available or not!

The cards are printed on both sides so that they are visible from both the front and the back. And, as a special feature, a card can be written with a dry-wipe marker (not included), allowing you to leave a brief note about when you expect to return!

It can be customized with the company name and logo for orders of at least 50 copies.

Size 100×130 mm

Printed on high-quality paper stock

Metal spiral bound

My Assertiveness board

Discover your assertiveness profile through this creative board game that challenges you for 25 days to practice your assertiveness skills and add another page to your journey towards evolution and development.

After playing this game you will surely be a better version of yourself in both professional and personal interactions.

Time & Task Management kit

Intended to contribute to the improvement of time and task management skills, it can be used in the organization but also on a personal level.

With this kit that contains a gameboard and a timebox (a tool that allows you to use a 20-25 minute series to complete any activity), you can learn but especially develop.

Hydration kit​

Hydration is one of the 5 most important factors that influence our health and energy levels. Over 70% of our body weight is made up of water. Water regulates all body organs and their temperature.

Take care of the health of your employees by giving them this Hydration Kit as a gift.

This hydration kit is a complete formula: an easy-to-use water bottle made of the best materials, which comes with 80 water pH test strips and the correct hydration recipe.

The hydration kit​ contains

Double-walled drinking bottle

Tritan drinking bottle with folding straw on the lid.Water bottle, personalized with the company logoand the hydration recipe from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Capacity: 550 ml.
Dimensions: Ø7 x 27.5 cm.
Available colors: lemon green, royal blue.

PH indicator paper

The color changes on the strips should be compared with the colored diagram approximately 15 seconds after contact with the substance.


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