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Hydration kit​

Hydration is one of the 5 most important factors that influence our health and energy levels. Over 70% of our body weight is made up of water. Water regulates all body organs and their temperature.

Take care of the health of your employees by giving them this Hydration Kit as a gift.

This hydration kit is a complete formula: an easy-to-use water bottle made of the best materials, which comes with 80 water pH test strips and the correct hydration recipe.

The hydration kit​ contains

Double-walled drinking bottle

Tritan drinking bottle with folding straw on the lid.Water bottle, personalized with the company logoand the hydration recipe from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Capacity: 550 ml.
Dimensions: Ø7 x 27.5 cm.
Available colors: lemon green, royal blue.

PH indicator paper

The color changes on the strips should be compared with the colored diagram approximately 15 seconds after contact with the substance.

Minimum order 50 units

Personal development journal

The personal development journal has 32 pages, in which each of those who choose to use it will experience exercises, suggestions, worksheets, motivational quotes.

The journal addresses your personal development, physical, emotional and social health, so working to you can take important steps in self-discovery, achieving balance, and increasing your level of emotional intelligence with a direct impact on your relationships with yourself and others.

It is a creative workbook, attractive and especially useful for all those who want to discover more

Minimum order 50 units


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