I am mother and CEO. I’m also a teacher, a doctor, I like to take care of the flowers in the house garden, I travel, I sing jazz in my free time … and yes, I’m a wife and mother of 3 boys under the age of 6 years old. I am the “perfect storm” in talking about work life balance.

As the companies compete for competitive employees, the sensitive balance between the personal welfare and the family life on one hand, and the job requirements on the other hand, has become a major factor in employee selection, this time from their perspective.

What matters isn’t only their performance but also their personal welfare level.

It may seems a utopia today to talk about work-life balance, but it is what we need to perform.

To me it all started with a personal reflection that “yelled” in my ears two truths: The desire to be a successful business person and the desire to be a woman, wife, mother, friend …

So, besides professional goals i also established personal goals, releasing the invitations for new experiences in my life.

I am more flexible as a parent and manager and I realized that things flow together gracefully because of new experiences.

My mind’s pen writes and erases depending on my desires and the goals i have established. He allows me to prioritize in order to grow, to enjoy the small pleasures of my passions, the results of my work,  my friends, family ….

You see yourself in your own mirror every day.

Who do you see you? The person you were, are, or want to become?

Work Life Balance means to be happy with who you are at work, home and in society.

P.S.Allocate 15-20 minutes per day to activities that you like and you will see how your energy level changes and clears your thoughts, like “restarting a system. “