We often ask how do we not only survive the pace of life imposed by everything going on around us, but especially how we find balance. We do this 24/7, is a challenge, is not it?

I read many articles about Work-Life Balance, talked with psychologists, coaches, sociologists, people who could come up with pieces of the puzzle and help us to get to the question, to better understand what we go through, especially what can help us get back to the surface. When you sink and your way up to the surface is often a pleasure or it can take forever and when we get to the surface it is like everything is clearer, brighter and we’re fine with us.

As I said in other articles about Work-Life Balance, the balance between personal and professional life is so personal, so ours that we are the only ones who know is there, in our lives.

For this I would emphasize that the focus should not be to obtain it but to identify more ways and means to:

  1. Be more creative and energized for everything that happens in our lives.
  2. Move from the stiffness and templates in order to personalize this balance and wellbeing, because Work-Life is a personal concept. We know that positive people are more creative and energetic therefore we need to be flexible in everything we do at home and work, so we feel good with ourselves. I suggest we find ourselves with each passing year, with each stage of development and see that this “balance” is another according to our evolution. If I think about how I was at 20 years and what made me happy then, and I look at what I want now, things have changed and this is not bad at all, because I have evolved and changed and my priorities, my desires, etc.
  3. Focus on inner balance and less on the outside. The stress to which we are subjected has more to do with the manner in which we manage things and situations and less with the idea that a job is more stressful than another. I worked a lot on this aspect and I firmly believe that our mindset is the most important and the way we relate to everything around us helps us find answers.
  4. Switch from the hard work to passion at work. I highly recommend everyone to do what they like, what they represented by and what they resonates with. Passion is one of the basics that lead to performance. So who wants to be part of the people who will make and make the difference, and not be content with a job that provides them just a decent life, passion is the path that can lead us there.
  5. Move from time management to management focus. We were talking in the previous article about time management as an element that helps us in maintaining a balance, now go ahead and move on to the next level and talk about management attention. In other words, we need to be in the right place at the right time. I said that i personally think that multitasking is a myth, although it has been on the rise especially in corporations. Our brains actually move from one task to another very quickly, which causes stress and reduces productivity. Albert Einstein said that “Any Man Who of can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.” I agree with him.
  6. Switch from work to exhaustion to have enough rest, fun and feel good so that our productivity could grow and can function at normal parameters .
  7. Move from “balance” as a to”balance” as a habit. We need to understand that Work-Life Balance is not a destination, it is more about the story of my journey in life.

Did you discover what works for you? What makes you happy and what really motivates you?