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Training & Coaching

We develop employees, their competencies and abilities so that the difference in the performance indicators can be seen at the business level.



Work-Life Balance is a concept in which we believe, the programs concepts are innovative, customized and in agreement with what the employees and companies want.



The events we organise are fresh, full of color and joy. We work with the best suppliers, we have passionate and well prepared project managers.



We recruit the right people at the right place, therefore our specialists will address in a personalized way, every requirement to identify the best solution COMPANY-CANDIDATE.



We believe in learning as the basis of our personal and professional development and we believe in continuous learning in order to achieve performance. Our open courses are dedicated to all who want to grow and learn alongside some of the best specialists.
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Reason does not work instinctively it demands tries, practice and learning to gradually progress form a level of understanding to another.

Time management


Time is a limited resource. Most of us know this, but few people realize and act accordingly. How this thing affects us in general is very simple. Most of us … Continue reading


Stress – the number one enemy of our times


Even if it is considered that the stress is something natural and can be productive, at a higher intensity it produces negative effects, both in personal and professional life. The … Continue reading


How we can be more creative


The creativity helps us to bring an  added value in our personal andprofessional life. It is true that some of us are natively more creative than others, but still is … Continue reading


Feedback – a key element in team management


The communication is the strongest alliance of human and professional relationships.  The feedback is the result of the communication process and the conclusion of the message we send, the reply,  … Continue reading



We have experience in different projects, in different industries which helps us understand each business and our customers recommend us.

The collaboration with Creative & Bright has been a successful one from the beginning, we always could count on their involvement and professionalism. They have always managed to understand our needs and demands and to adapt the programs accordingly to those demands. Thank you for the quality, the commitment and for the openness.

HR Manager Construction company

It was a successful collaboration, we appreciated the involvement and the professionalism of the team, the desire to satisfy every need. I wish to continue this excellent collaboration in the future too.

Departament Director IT Company

It was a very enjoyable and educational experience. The information received was easy to assimilate thanks to good examples. The trainer gave time to all participants, he worked very well with the team. You are Bravo!

Customer Relations Manager Real Estate Company, Chisinau

Until now we had the privilege to collaborate for the realization of two events: the sales training and the Christmas party of our group of companies. It was a wonderful collaboration, we achieved our objectives and we are looking forward to resume the collaboration for the events of 2016. We thank the Creative & Bright team for: the availability, the patience :), the ideas and the conduct!

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