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About Creative Bright

Learning in every way


A network of over 100 senior specialists with relevant business experience and facilitation
Customized solutions
A high level of know-how that helps us to understand what the real need is and what the impact solution is for each client
The quality of our services, validated by the recurrence with which our clients choose our solutions
And last but not least, we are a very creative team :)


Reason does not work instinctively it demands tries, practice and learning to gradually progress form a level of understanding to another.

Time management


Time is a limited resource. Most of us know this, but few people realize and act accordingly. How this thing affects us in general is very simple. Most of us …


Stress – the number one enemy of our times


Even if it is considered that the stress is something natural and can be productive, at a higher intensity it produces negative effects, both in personal and professional life. The …


How we can be more creative


The creativity helps us to bring an  added value in our personal andprofessional life. It is true that some of us are natively more creative than others, but still is …


Feedback – a key element in team management


The communication is the strongest alliance of human and professional relationships.  The feedback is the result of the communication process and the conclusion of the message we send, the reply,  …

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